ERC 2021 Work Programme > European Research Council

           A few days ago, the European Commission launched their ERC 2021 WORK PROGRAMME for the European Research Council.                                    The total budget for 2021 is €1.9 billion and includes three main calls for proposals aimed to help researchers develop frontier research actions.                        The first ERC call of 2021 for Starting Grants opened on 25th February and closes on the 8th April, with €619 million available.                                                 The Starting Grants are aimed at early-career scientists with a few years’ experience since the completion of their PhD.                                                                   Receiving such a grant should help them start their own independent research team or programme.                                                                     Any research field is available for funding and the location is limited to the EU Member States or the Associated Countries.                                                              There will be two further ERC grant calls in 2021: Consolidator Grants (application period 11 March – 20 April)                                                                                          for researchers who are consolidating their own independent research team or programme,                                                      and Advanced Grants (application period 20 May – 31 August) for leading advanced investigators.


● É a substância mais simples que podemos encontrar, sendo o primeiro elemento da tabela periódica.

● A NASA foi pioneira na utilização do hidrogénio em aplicações práticas de pilha de combustível.

● É um dos elementos mais comuns da Natureza.